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customized print stand up ziplock aluminum foil pouch

A stand up ziplock bags will help your product to voice its value. Stand up has a good shelf display, aluminum foil material will extend shelf life.The aluminum foil bags are great for storage and packaging of your products and favorite items. Contents can be anything from jewelry to non-perishable foods.The bags protect the contents from UV damage, debris etc!



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What are aluminum foil ziplock bags?

Made from high barrier film,aluminum foil ziplock bag is superior to ordinary plastic bags. When you want to refrigerate or pack food, the aluminum foil bags are the best choice to keep the food fresh for the longest possible time.


The surface of common aluminum foil bags generally has anti-gloss characteristics with multiple layers, which means that it does not absorb light. Therefore, aluminum foil paper not only has good shading properties, but also has strong insulating properties. The aluminum component is in the bag, so it also has good oil resistance and softness.

As a leading aluminum foil bags manufacturer, FUR PATH provides various aluminium foil packaging bags wholesale with custom printing service,sizes and types, welcome to consult for a free quotation!


Are aluminum foil bags safe? 


Consumers can be assured that aluminum foil bags are non-toxic and have no special smell. It is definitely a green,safe and healthy packaging solution , an environmentally friendly product. Moreover, the production also meets the universal hygiene standards.


Advantages of aluminum foil ziplock bags:


1. High quality and durable: Made from PET Aluminum foil, which is a high barrier film, the biggest advantage is 100% lightproof, against UV light.The bag is also sturdy enough to protect packaging from external shocks.

2. Ideal for display and storage: Aluminum foil is the best material to against moisture and oxygen.The mylar design keeps contents inside fresher for longer compared to a regular ziplock bag.

3. Resealble and reusable: Ziplock, tear notch and round corner can be added on bag.The resealable self adhesive sealing strip is perfect for storing stuff. With zipper design on top,You can reuse the pouch for multiple times.

4. Portable and convenient to carry: You can use this premium lightweight mylar bags store small things when you're out travelling, camping or hiking.

5. Reliable food grade PET material: The aluminum foil ziplock bags are non-toxic, safe and healthy during usage .

6. Customized servics: No matter you are a wholesaler or distributor, we have various sizes and bag styles for you to choose from.



Aluminum Foil Ziplock Bag



Applications of aluminum foil ziplock bags:


The aluminum storage bags are suitable for the packing, storing, shipping, sampling, and sorting of 

Coffee, beans, grains, supplements, candy, sugar, rice, baking, cookie, tea,nuts, snack, jewelry, cosmetic packing, dry food and pet food etc.

You can even label everything clearly on the mylar bags to help you to keep your small items separated and organized.

How to measure a stand up pouch:


Wholesale Aluminum foil stand up ziplock bags



1. What is MOQ?

For customized bags, our MOQ is 5000 square meters. But for standard size bags, just contact us with any quantity you’d like.

2. Is it possible to get volume discounts?

Of course, it depends on the detailed bag size you are purchasing. Contact us for more details.

3. Do you sell pouches and bags to distributors?

Yes. We deal with several distributors across the USA and Europe.

4. Do you offer samples to customers for testing purposes?

We will be glad to do that; we strongly recommend that. Please provide us with your location we will send several aluminum foil bag samples to you.

5. In case I need custom sized bags, but I don’t need the printing service, will I need to meet all the minimum requirements?

Yes. We treat customs size order as specialized projects.

6. Can your company help me with completing my artwork modifications for a printed project?

Yes. Our designer can assist you with your artwork modifications as long as your AI original file provided.

7. Are you pouches recyclable?

Yes. Just contact us for more information.

8. The material you use, are they FDA approved for food packaging?

Yes. We will send your order with our FDA certificate, ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certification for you to confirm.

9. Which payment method do you prefer?

T/T is preferred. But Irrevocable L/C is also accepted.

10. Which are the shipment terms do your company accept?

We accept CFR, EXW, CIF, FOB, and many others.

11. How long will my order take before delivery?

After order placement, within 20 days, you will have your aluminum bags. We work with China shipping company for quick shipping logistics. But we can work with a company of your choice.

12. What add-on type do you offer for foil bags?

We have several of them. We can fit in tear notches, euro punch holes, re-closable zip lock, ergonomic handles, transparent window, and many others.

13. What printing technology type do you offer for custom printed bags?

We print bags up to 12 colors and use the latest rotogravure technology and flexo technology.

14. What type of information do I need to provide when ordering for aluminum foil bags?

Some basic information like bag dimensions, required artwork (graphics), quality, add-ons, and color is necessary.

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