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Healthy food flat bottom plastic packaging bags

When a consumer glances at a pouch of healthy food on the shelf, your packaging only has a few seconds to make an impression. Therefore, the more advertising space you have, the more likely consumers are to discover your product. Flat bottom packaging bags are your best choice.



  • Product Description

Flat bottom stand up pouches are a unique type of prefab bag used for brand building on the shelf. The way the flat bottom standing pouch displays the product projects a high quality image. The unique design provides superior stability, seal strength and air tightness compared to other types of flat bottom bags.


Advantages of flat bottom stand up pouches

1. The flat bottom stand up pouches have a total of 4 printing layouts, which can make the product information more complete and energetic. Have more space to depict the product, convenient for the promotion and sale of the product.

2. The flat bottom stand up pouches stand vertically, which is more conducive to the display of the brand.

3. The flat bottom standing pouch is equipped with a reusable zipper that customers can open and close again, and the box is no match.

4. With the help of the multi-layer composite process, the octoptic sealing bag can have a good composite strength, which means that it can pack a large number of products without breaking.

5. Can use multi-color printing, the product is exquisite, has a strong role in publicity and promotion.

6. Unique shape, easy to identify by customers, avoid false charging, and have a great role in promoting brand building.

7. Standing smoothly, it is conducive to shelf display and deeply attracts the attention of customers.


Product Name

Healthy food flat bottom plastic packaging bags

Structure and material 



customized, width from 35mm-500mm, length from 50mm-10000mm


Gravure printing, CMYK+ customized up to 12 colors

Type of pouch

Flat bottom pouch/ flat bottom bag

Anti-dropping height

0.8 – 1.2 meter

Delivery Time

(1)10-12 days without printing.

(1)15-20 days with customized printing.


All plate fee and 30% deposit, 70% before delivery

Production capacity

50,000 pcs per day

Port of shipping



Flat bottom stand up pouches structure

The standing pouch flat bottom consists of two vertical panels and two gussets, joined together by four vertical seals. They usually hold the following products:

• pet food

• coffee

• candy

• snack


Flat bottom stand-up pouches, also known as side gusset flat bottom pouch or box pouches. Protecting items from moisture, bacteria, UV rays and punctures, flat bottom bags have four distinct advantages over other types of stand-up pouches:

• Less energy is used to make them.

• Less space is required for transport and storage.

• Hold more. Flat bottom bags have more volume than regular stand-up bags.

• Less film is required than conventional stand-up pouches. Less film means more savings.


Difference between Quad Seal Bag and Box Pouch

The bottom of the quad seal bag is made with a "fold seal", which means the bottom is not completely flat. Stability is not an issue when the quad seal bag is filled with product. But as the product is consumed, the bottom of the bag becomes less stable. For heavier products, such as pet food, quad-sealed bags are usually designed to lay flat for stability.

If you are looking for wholesale flat bottom stand-up pouches with competitive price, welcome to contact us!



Flat Bottom Stand Up Pouches


Working flows for pre-production:

1. Provide us with detailed information about the pouch you would like to make, like material(structure), thickness, size, artwork and use purpose, etc. If necessary, we can provide our good and professional suggestions for your choice as well.

2. We will quote accordingly after we get all the information about the pouch.

3. Once the price is confirmed by both parties, we will start working on the artwork processing (FYI:  we need to process the artwork into a version that can be gravure).

4. Setting up the color standard. Confirm the artwork and sign the contract.

5. The buyer needs to prepay the cylinder (printing cost) and 30% prepayment of the order.

6. After that, we will start producing quality products for you.

Please feel free to contatc us for your custom flat bottom stand up pouches!

Why choose Furpath?

Our customers use Flat Bottom Soft Box Bags to package any item in a box that traditionally has an inner bag, such as cereal, cookies and snacks. The flat bottom mimics a box, allowing the bag to stand effectively, while the side gussets provide more room for labels and branding than traditional stand-up bags.

1. Gravure printing

This is done through an engraved printing cylinder that retains the ink, which is then transferred directly to the film. This type of printing is bold, dynamic, and offers a higher quality than flexo printing. However, flexographic printing is done using polymer or rubber sheets and does not provide high quality results.

2. Unique craftsmanship

Furpath try to understand your product and business. Is your product coarse or fine? Is it heavy or light? Does it have a coating or oil residue? Are you sensitive to light? Do you want an opaque or clear bag? How would you like to populate the product? Where would you store it - in a warehouse or refrigerator? We use all of these factors to create the right pouch for your business.

3. Extensible

The flexible box bag has a small footprint and keeps products fresh for longer. No more cramming large boxes into cupboards and rolling up inner liner bags after products are opened - flexible box bags allow you and your customers to conveniently store, transport, access and consume your premium products.

Flexible packaging is constructed with a heavy duty barrier film that protects the contents of the bag from moisture, odors, punctures and other hazards and contaminants. This means your product stays fresher and longer even after opening the pack!


Enterprise strength:

High production capacity

The production base covers an area more than 30,000 square meters.

The annual output can reach 10,000 tons.

Flat Bottom Stand Up Pouches

Advanced production equipment:

300,000-class GMP brand new workshops.

5 fully automatic high-speed production lines.

Flat Bottom Stand Up Pouches

Perfect and stable quality assurance:

Professional product testing equipment.

Quality-safety certification.

Flat Bottom Stand Up Pouches

Sustainable Development Strategy:

Equipped with special waste gas treatment to reduce carbon emissions.

Focus on the development of recyclable and degradable materials.

Flat Bottom Stand Up Pouches


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