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Custom Spouted Stand up pouch

Time changed, and packaging way is also getting revolution. Spout stand up pouch is one of our up to date packaging. No matter which size or printing, you will get a satisfactory packaging solution in Fur Path.



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Benefits from Fur Path Custom Spouted Stand up pouch:

● No matter for producer or consumer, spout stand up pouch is easy to apply.

● Can be displayed straightly on shelf. Spout pouches are hazard free and very user-friendly.

● Custom spout stand up pouch is tamper-evident.

● Screw-on spout helps packing content to remain its smell and taste.

● Spout pouches are very easy to handle, spout location can be on top, corner or anywhere you want. Even handle can be added for easy taken.


Custom Spouted Stand up pouch


Custom Spouted Stand up pouch application:

Edible products

Non-edible products

Baby foods

Liquid wash

Wine & beer


Sport soft drinks

Insect repellants

Dairy products

Hand wash

Tea & coffee

lotions and creams

Liquid sauces



Custom Spouted Stand up pouch size reference table:

Volume (ml)

Size (inch)

MOQ (pcs)


4-6″ width * 7-9”length



5-7” width * 8-11”length



6-8” width * 9-13” length



7-9” width * 12-15”length



Custom spouted stand up pouch FAQ:

1, What information do I need to provide before ordering my custom spout pouch?

Except for basic information like dimensions, artwork (graphics), add-on features, quantity. Feel free to contact us for more information.

2, What is the MOQ for custom printed spout pouches?

It depends on your required bag size, usually our MOQ is 5000 square meters.

3, If requested for samples and prototypes before making a purchase, can they be sent to me?

Yes, we can send samples if requested by you.

4, If customer do not have concrete idea on packaging details like material choosing, will you provide consulation service?

Fur Path sales team will be glad to help with any queries from customer.

5, How can I fill and seal spout pouches?

There are two options that are available for this process. One of the options features you filling the pouch through the spout.

In this case, the pouch does not have any opening and it remains sealed. Another alternative option is for you to fill the pouch.

In this case, the spout comes sealed and the side of the pouch is heat sealed after the filling is accomplished.

6, How do I order a custom printed pouch?

The start point of the process is you being in contact with our sales team. The duty of the sales personnel is to propose our requirements for you and offer you the most suitable options.

In cases where you already have your design available, you can do well to send it to us.

We will proceed to send you a soft copy of what your spout pouch will look like when finished. If you are happy with the process, we will go ahead and put the print into effect.

7, Are any specific heat sealers for me, and if not what are the sealing options?

It is your workflow that conditions the kind of sealing that will be adopted for your spout pouch. If the method of packing is by hand, a table heat sealer will be suitable. But if it is by an automated means that you are packaging, you will need specially designed and computerized heat sealers. Any option you choose can be discussed lengthily with you.

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