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Custom coffee packaging bag

When you wake up in the morning, a cup of coffee adds much flavor to a monotonous day. But have you considered how the delicious taste to be preserved in the coffee packaging bag? Thus a qualified coffee packaging bag must be needed, Fur Path will help with it. No matter grinding coffee powder, coffee beans or liquid coffee, find Fur Path for more professional information.



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Whether it's a gusseted coffee bag with a vent valve, a flat coffee bag, or a compostable kraft-laminated coffee bag, there are flexible and customizable packaging solutions for your products. With highly advanced digital printing capabilities and high-quality materials. Our custom coffee bags are the perfect choice for your brand.


Benefits from Fur Path Custom coffee packaging bag:

● Various bag style options like Gusset bag with valve, stand up bag with valve, flat bottom bag with valve.

● Fur Path has mainly three kinds of one-way valve used in our coffee packaging bag, including Goglio valve, Wipf valve and China domestic valve.

● Excellent barrier property. Except for one way valve to help with coffee packaging bag barrier, our laminated material structure is also durable and high barrier, PET/AL/PE, PET/VMPET/PE, kraft paper/AL/PE, Matt BOPP/Kraft paper/AL/PE etc.

● So many add-on features including laser scoring, matt finishing on surface, clear window on bag front, round corners, tear notches, tin tie lock and re-closable ziplock.

Fur Path can help with customer on their coffee branding and marketing design. We assure you of quality pouches with excellent designs, are cost-effective and customizable according to your requirements.


According to roasting style and coffee sales form. We can provide you with the perfect custom coffee packaging bags, which is available in a variety of packaging options:

Material choices: From long shelf life materials to composable coffee packaging.

Configuration: square bottom, flat bottom, quadrilateral seal, stand-up bag, flat bag.

Features: Air Vent, Tamper Resistant Features, Tin Tape, Zipper, Pocket Zipper.


Custom printed coffee bag types:


Side Gusseted Coffee Bag

A side gusseted coffee bag is a very common coffee packaging configuration that can stand on its own. Cheaper than flat-bottomed coffee packs and can hold more weight than flat-bottomed bags.


4 Side Seal Coffee Bag

Quad airtight coffee bags are a popular coffee packaging design, with gusseted sides providing room for more coffee to display well on the shelf.


8-Seal Square Bottom Coffee Bag

Flat bottom coffee bags, also known as block bottom coffee bags. When the top is folded down, it creates the classic brick shape. The disadvantage is the higher cost.


Stand Up Coffee Bag

The stand-up coffee bag is a "new school" design. They are more economical, stand on their own, and also allow for the use of drop-in zippers, making them easy to fill and keep your coffee fresh.


The custom coffee bag is perfect for ground, whole, roasted or green coffee. We work with coffee shops, coffee roasters, and companies large and small, and when purchasing, you need to pay attention to the following additional features:

Tin iron

After opening the coffee, the customized coffee bag remains closed by rolling the bag and pinching each side. Tin seal locks in natural flavor.

Easy pull

The EZ-Pull bottle cap is very convenient to open and is suitable for packaging a variety of coffees. It also works on gusseted coffee bags and other pouches.


If your coffee product needs to be protected from oxygen exposure after opening, then you need custom coffee bags with valve. This one-way valve allows the user to push air out of the valve, keeping the product fresh for longer.


The price of our custom coffee packaging is determined by the quantity you order, the complexity of the printing, the configuration of the coffee bag, the features you choose, and the material.

Stand out from the competition with FUR PATH's wholesale custom coffee bags. Eye-popping artwork and high-quality custom coffee bags with logo make your brand unmissable, not only looking great, but keeping your coffee fresh and delicious. Whether ground coffee, whole bean, roasted or green coffee, our custom coffee bag will highlight your product on any shelf. 

Custom coffee packaging bag style options:

Coffee form

Plastic Coffee Packaging Bag Style options


Grinding coffee powder

Spout Coffee Bags

Custom coffee packaging bag

Coffee beans

Gusseted Coffee Bags, stand up bags, Vacuum pouches, Kraft paper pouches,

Custom coffee packaging bag

Liquid coffee

stand up bags, Flat pouches(3 side seal), Gusseted Coffee Bags

Custom coffee packaging bag

Custom coffee packaging bag


Custom coffee packaging bag FAQ:

1, What information do I need to provide before ordering my custom coffee pouch?

Except for basic information like dimensions, artwork (graphics), add-on features, quantity. Feel free to contact us for more information.

2, What is the MOQ for custom printed coffee pouches?

It depends on your required bag size, usually our MOQ is 5000 square meters.

3, If requested for samples and prototypes before making a purchase, can they be sent to me?

Yes, we can send samples if requested by you.

4, If customer do not have concrete idea on packaging details like material choosing, will you provide consulation service?

Fur Path sales team will be glad to help with any queries from customer.

5, What’s lead time after I placing order?

It is about 20 days production period for printed coffee bag, but for those standard size coffee bags, we can ship to you at any time.

6, Do you sell Coffee Bags to distributors?

We do business with coffee packaging bags distributors across the USA and Europe and Australia.

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