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Environmentally friendly laminated packaging - homogeneous and recyclable

Oct. 21, 2022

In 2018, food and daily chemical product giants such as Nestle, Unilever and Kraft pledged at the Dahons Economic Forum in Switzerland that all packaging should be made of recyclable or degradable materials by 2025. From the perspective of environmental protection trends at home and abroad, the government and major terminal brands are determined to use single-material recyclable packaging to promote the development of circular economy, which is the general trend. The National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued the "14th Five-Year Plan" action plan for plastic pollution control on September 8, 2021, marking that the entire plastics industry has become an industry under great pressure from environmental protection in the future, and the ordinary plastic packaging market will be will be affected, and single-material packaging that meets the requirements of environmentally friendly recycling will have a bright future. The control of plastic pollution in 2020 and 2021 mainly promotes the development of biodegradable plastic. However, due to the constraints of biodegradable plastic in terms of performance, output and degradation environment, it is difficult to apply them on a large scale. The final solution must be based on recycling and regeneration.


Environmentally friendly laminated packaging - homogeneous and recyclable


The most difficult technical challenge of homogeneous packaging-heat resistance

Take PE/PE material as an example, When making bags, the heat transfer method of sealing is from the surface material to the heat sealing layer. After the stretching process, the tensile strength, stiffness, permeability of PE film are improved. Although the physical properties such as light rate have been improved, the chemical properties of the PE film cannot be changed by double-drawing or single-drawing, and temperature resistance is the biggest challenge in bag making. If BOPE is used, this material can replace nylon to solve the problems of stiffness and puncture resistance of packaging, but it also cannot solve the problems of heat resistance and bag flatness. Bags made of BOPE/PE are prone to warping. Therefore, a great difficulty is added to the bag making process.The barrier property of a single material is generally to add EVOH or PVA to meet the barrier requirements. As long as the amount added does not exceed 5% of the total thickness of the film, it can be recycled together, and its oxygen permeability can reach below 8cc. The limitation is that it can only partially solve the problem of oxygen barrier, and cannot solve all the barrier problems such as oil resistance, light resistance, chemical resistance, etc., and cannot be widely used in all food packaging. The current PP and PE single-material packaging are only suitable for dry food or daily chemical liquid packaging.


Like many other flexible plastic packaging companies that have invested in research and development, Fur Path Packaging has achieved key results in homogeneous and recyclable packaging through the selection of raw materials, process innovation, and continuous practice. Together with forward-looking companies, optimize more performance of homogeneous packaging, we have always been on the road of environmentally friendly packaging!

Environmentally friendly laminated packaging - homogeneous and recyclable

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