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Benefits of Biodegradable Packaging

Nov. 12, 2022

Biodegradable packaging materials are usually made up of biopolymers (organic compounds) found in living organisms, such as cellulose and proteins. These proteins help the material to break down more easily and have less impact on the surrounding environment. Biopolymers have been used to produce a large number of biodegradable and recyclable packaging materials, such as reusable kraft paper bags that meet food safety ratings have been put into mass market use.



6 Benefits of Biodegradable Packaging


1. Toxin and Allergen Free

Biodegradable packaging options are still limited, but most available materials are non-toxic and non-allergenic. This is an important consideration for consumers who care about the products they buy and the ingredients in their packaging. If any of these are harmful, they can harm the business.


2. Reduce Carbon Footprint

Because biodegradable packaging materials are made from recycled materials rather than chemicals and plastics, they are better for the environment. Because the packaging is environmentally friendly, it reduces material waste and resource consumption. Both efforts help minimize the human carbon footprint while meeting high standards of environmental compliance.


3. No harmful plastics

3> Traditional packaging and shipping materials often contain harmful plastic materials and are often petroleum-based, which contributes to environmental concerns. The use of unsustainable petrochemical resources or plastic substances made from petroleum requires significant energy and resources to create. These products are then usually found in landfills, roads, parks and even waterways. Using eco-friendly packaging allows companies to reduce the amount of plastic used, which helps reduce the problem of littering.


4. Easy Disposal

Whatever type of packaging and shipping materials a company decides to use, they should be recyclable or biodegradable. Eco-friendly packaging simplifies the disposal of shipping materials due to the biodegradable composition. The combination does not require much resources to break down the packaging after its intended use. Consumers who prefer to compost their waste can easily use the biodegradable packaging and shipping materials along with other compost-friendly materials. This process can also have a positive impact on the surrounding environment.


5. Sustainability

Since we keep talking about it, this seems obvious. However, one of the main benefits of biodegradable packaging is its sustainability. Most of the materials used can be categorized under the three R's of sustainability: reduce, reuse, recycle. And stronger, safer packaging materials help encourage businesses and individuals to reuse each item. The focus of recycling, of course, is to produce products that consist primarily of previously recycled materials. This can then be recycled by the business or by the consumer who receives the packaged product.


6. Requires Fewer Resources

Biodegradable packaging has the potential to reduce water use, solid waste, electricity and emissions. Of course, this is good for the environment, but it also reduces the costs associated with the packaging process. Over time, the cumulative savings prove well worth the cost of conversion.


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