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Liquid Spout Pouch

Liquid spout pouch, also known as liquid pouch bag with spout, is a cost-effective way to store and transport liquids, pastes and gels. Liquid spout bags are popular in many industries due to their convenience to end users and benefits to manufacturers. Flexible packs with spouts are suitable for many different applications, from soups, broths and juices to shampoos and conditioners. They are also ideal for drink bags!


Liquid spout pouch features

• Moisture and puncture resistant, flexible packaging material, light weight and lower shipping costs.

• Liquid stand up pouch with spout takes up much less space than metal cans

• The construction and design of the stand-up pouch provide stability and easily store liquids upright without spilling

• Easy to use, the nozzle on the stand-up bag makes it very user-friendly to unscrew and close the lid down.

• Provides additional insurance that your liquid products will not spill even if the stand up spout pouch itself collapses.

• Nozzles on the spouted liquid stand up pouches allow precise control of the amount discharged from the container, and the user simply tilts the pouch and squeezes according to the amount of product they want.

As a professional liquid spout pouch supplier, Furpath provides custom spout pouches according to your special requirements! If you are looking for wholesale spout pouch with competitive price, please feel free to contact us!


Common liquid spout pouch types

Top of Pouch Spout

Typically used in smaller bags or die cut pouches for single serving applications, packaging liquid food and beverages.

Top Side of Pouch Spout

Available in 8 oz - 16 oz sized bags, it takes advantage of the upright orientation of the stand-up bag, allowing users more control when working with content. Packaging of daily chemicals, detergents, insect repellents.


Liquid spout pouch applications

Fruit Juice
Salad Dressings And Marinades
Nut Butter
Bone Broth
Cold Brew Coffee

Hand Sanitizer
Shampoo And Conditioner

Energy Drink

The stand up pouches for liquids you can use in flex packs are not only great for quick-opening packs, but they also provide great packaging for sports drinks inside, containing electrolytes and other nutrients that athletes need in a safe, clean way Package.


Spouted stand-up pouches are ideal for packaging viscous liquids such as yogurt. Not only do they provide a stable and solid structural base for your yogurt to store without the risk of spillage, but they also prevent any contaminants from attacking the yogurt and rendering it unusable. Our spout stand-up pouches provide durability and help you extend the shelf life of your products.

Household cleaner

Thanks to the spout and screw cap of the reusable liquid spout pouch, the cleaner is very easy to store and can also be taken with you to every space that needs cleaning. In addition, the nozzles give users more control over the amount of product that is expelled from the package.


The primary use of cleaners involves lifting and pouring products, so as a manufacturer of cleaners, you must ensure that the packaging you use retains this functionality. The best option for this exact purpose is a stand up pouch with a spout which is very easy to handle and only pours a controlled amount of detergent so the material or object being cleaned won't suffer any damage from overuse of the product .

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