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Flat bottom pouch

What is a flat bottom pouch?

Flat Bottom Pouches are five-sided,free-standing bags with a flat, rectangular base,also known as Box Bottom Pouches,Block Bottom Pouches or 8 Side Seal Pouches. The high performance pouch from FUR PATH has durable gussets on each side to stand up well and hold more weight compared to the bottom gusset pouches. Made with multiple layers and a zipper on top,flat bottom pouches are against light, oxygen, moisture and heat, which keeps the product fresh longer. If you are looking for best quality wholesale flat bottom pouch, aluminum foil pouch or recyclable flexible packaging with low cost price, welcome to contact us for detailed information and customized service!

What is flat bottom pouch used for?

The flat pouch bottom pouch with 4 printing layouts can stand smoothly, which can make the product information more complete and energetic,ideal for  shelf display and deeply attracting the attention of customers.Moreover, large capacity and sealed storage of the bag makes it popular for the packaging of pet food, coffee, candies and snacks.


Advantages of flat bottom pouch:

1. Less take up space during storage: With innoative narrow design, the pouch takes less space and uses 30% less material compared to paper boxes.

2. Lightweight and portable: Made from PET/MPET/PE material, the flat bottom pouch has low weight and is portable to take anywhere.

3. Econommic and lower cost: The flexible packaging bag costs much less than common rigid containers.

4. Eco-friendly and less waste: The pouches have no inner layer and can be made from recycable material.

5. Faster filling rates: Large capacity and a zipper on top makes it faster for the operater to fill products.

6. Full display of the brand: There’s plenty room for your products to get creative designs and layouts display effectively with 5-sided design.


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